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"One doesn't have to be wealthy to give, only willing. The Lord will provide."
Linda Simmons-Founder

Corporate Donations

We are so thankful for the generosity of our Corporate Donors! The funds donated are used to help us pay or monthly rent and other costs of operation. No one in Hearts Knit Together receives a wage, so you can trust that your donations go directly to helping us help those in need. As an added bonus, we are a registered 501C3 so your donations are tax deductible.

No matter how large or small, we would love your support!

Service/Goods Donations

Does your business offer a service or good that would be useful in our organization? We are thrilled when businesses offer what they do best to help us do better!

Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Automatic Donation

Ongoing donations can be arranged for a simple, no-hassle way to help us. Let's talk about this

easy option!

Top 10 Needs Donations

We have multiple items that we are always in need of. Become a superstar by having a donations drive, donating funds for these items, or purchasing them for us!

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