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Our History

Hearts Knit Together had its inception in 2007 in the Temple View Branch, which was comprised mainly of widows and single sisters who were donating hygiene kits to the Homeless Shelter in Salt Lake City. These women had so little, and yet spent their time knitting hats and scarves for those in need. 

When they turned the hygiene kit project over Linda Simmons, who was serving as a missionary for with her husband Boyd, she changed the focus to the YWCA Women in Jeopardy program for battered women and children. Linda ran this out of her home until July of 2010 when Destinations Travel donated a beautiful space in South Jordan. When she agreed to give these welcome kits to all 16 battered women's shelters in Utah and 125 kits per month to the refugee program, we were donated another large work space in Salt Lake City by ASA Insurance Company. Shortly after that, Axis Insurance donated storage space to us in order to store more donations. We are so grateful to these generous individuals in these companies who so willingly let us use their space. In November, 2014 we became a 501c3 (non-profit).

We are proud to now donate to every battered women's shelter in Utah. We also provide kits for refugees, sexual assault victims, and police stations. 

Linda Simmons worked tirelessly as the Executive Director until 2021. Hearts Knit Together is now run by our wonderful Board of Directors and several Executives. 

We hope in the future to be able to provide these gifts of love as shelters expand and as new ones are formed.  Our desire is that every abused woman, man and child, from whatever their circumstances who are seeking refuge, receives one of our gifts of love with a message of hope and love.  To that end, we appreciate all the assistance we receive from the community.  100% of our donations are used for that purpose.

JoAnne Knight-one of our original "knitters"!

Linda and Boyd Simmons

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